Sunday, July 28, 2013

Strike Out Font

Line 'em up and punch 'em out with this Isotopes original + free 'Strike Out' font. Designed by Evan Wansbrough.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Evan October Tossed from USA.

I got banned from the USA for 5 years. We attempted to cross at Buffalo on Saturday afternoon. The other Canadians travelling with us got across no problem, but the fact that I have no job, no fixed address, and was in possession of no return ticket to Canada made the border guard - who appropriately shares the same name as MLB pitcher, Anibal Sanchez - suspicious enough to conduct a google search of my name. He quickly found past and upcoming tour dates that were not supported by P2 Visa status required to work in the United States as musician. In a case such as mine, they are obviously using the terms work and musician as loosely as possible, but hey - it ain't red, white, blue and grey.
There are several problems with the P2 Visa process which have prevented us in the past, including for this tour, despite attempts, to obtain one successfully. I will be using some of my new found free time to learn more about P2 Visa process and perhaps write a letter to somebody with some suggestions for improvement.
The bottom line, however, is that this halts all plans for the 'topes with regard to touring with yours truly in the land of the free for the time being.
I need some time to process having the thing I've been sacrificing, compromising and jeopardizing for over the past 6 years ripped from my hands for no other reason than I was doing it too well. Sidenote: for the record I have no outstanding warrants, have never been arrested in any country, can pass any drug test on the planet (except for HGH obviously), and have never before been denied entry to the States.
This ban was based purely on the fact I was intending to play 8 concerts in the states, and get paid. I explained that the meager hundreds of dollars I would make would go directly into the gas tank, in the States and I was guaranteed to leave the country having spent more than I earned. Dead ears. These border guards are impressively unwilling to be reasonable. No grey areas. As far as they're concerned we might as well be U2 going in for a series of million dollar concerts with no plans to report to the IRS. Fuck these guys, but hey, they're just following orders. People like that are born to follow orders and you can't blame them for it any more than you can blame us for being the world's greatest baseball punx. It's natural.
Nevertheless, this sucks. As for other plans, we're planning a full release of The First Four Seasons, which is a comp of everything up to and including the Blood Diamond EP. For at least 5 songs it will be their first time on vinyl, or any format besides ones and zeroes for that matter, so that is cool. Not sure what label is involved in that yet but there are conversations being had. Also we've got 4 brand new songs early in the recording process that will be out as an EP at some point in 2013. These are by far the best songs we've done so if the band folds this year, that'll be a nice way to end it.
This isn't entirely a death sentence for the Isotopes but it is a huge blow. The USA, especially the mid-west and east coast have been extremely awesome to us and we've found there aren't enough Juiceheads in Canada to make it a full-time club up here. For now, we're going to go back to releasing singles and never playing unless the Queers or Dan Vapid or TBR comes to town.
For everyone looking forward to seeing us on this tour and at Insub - sorry, and thanks for the love. If you were waiting on a hat or a shirt, we have a few left and are likely not making any more this year, so please order one below. If you've got an item on order, we're all caught up now so you should be receiving it shortly. If you're gonna be at Insub, you can grab merch there, as our rhythm section is morphing back into their primary band, The Young Rochelles and taking our spot on the bill as well as hocking 'topes merch at the festival.
The last sentiment I will leave you with is that if you know anything about this band, you know that we've never had a set line-up. The roster has always changed. Just like a ball club. And while it's not easy to replace a singer, it's not impossible either. So perhaps in the future if there is a demand, a 'topes tour without the original lead singer could happen. We'll see.
Evan October.

2013 Isotopes Bat & Nail logo hat on iconic Starter brand SnapBack hat. One size fits all. $34.99 plus shipping.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2013 Isotopes Bat & Nail Starter SnapBack!

2013 Isotopes Bat & Nail logo hat on iconic Starter brand SnapBack hat. One size fits all. $34.99 plus shipping.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Limited Edition Jackie Robinson Day "42" t-shirt


Jackie Robinson Day limited edition Isotopes "42" t-shirt. Distressed retro design, two color screen on black American Apparel 2001 style t-shirt. ONLY available April 15, 2013!

Friday, February 1, 2013


It was announced Thursday that lead singer of Vancouver-based baseball punx, the Isotopes (Red Scare / When's Lunch), Evan "October" Wansbrough has been selected as one of 50 finalists in Major League Baseball's 2013 @MLBFanCave contest. Now in its third season, the FanCave contest sets out to separates the wheat from the chaff in search of a small handful of North America's most entertaining baseball fans and sweep them away to live at the MLB FanCave HQ in New York City, where they will become Dwellers tasked with watching every single Major League Baseball game, all season. Aside from cultivating the ultimate couch potato, the contest also provides each of the FanCave Dwellers countless opportunities to interact with celebrities, professional baseball players and musicians, with the entire fiasco broadcast on the MLB Network.

Watch Wansbrough's FanCave vid-bid here and vote as well as tweet support @theisotopes and @MLBFanCave using #mlbfc and #baseballpunk if you're into hash-tagging. Top 30 announcements are made Feb 13  and consideration is based not only on fan vote tally but social media impact.

Vote early, vote often! TWEET 4 EVR

Monday, November 5, 2012

Rookie Rochelle Hurricane Relief Fundraiser

Yeah, well as some of you may already know, Isotopes guitarist / bassist, Noah "Rookie Rochelle" WK has been living without power / water / heat in his Long Beach, Long Island home since Hurricane Sandy devastated his ocean side neighbourhood last week. We've been able to keep in occasional touch with him via text message when he's been able to charge his phone off a generator, and last we heard, his status is "not too good", although he has been able to craft a fort out of broken furniture in his place to keep warm in.  Needless to say, everything is a mess out there, and it doesn't look like things are going to be stabilized particularly soon.

Additionally, today FEMA rejected Noah's application for relocation assistance.

The Rook spent his last $300 on a flight home from Oakland after our van died on the 20th, just in time to greet Sandy as she rolled in, and we feel like it's our responsibility to help our pal out as much as possible so I designed this shirt (Dallas came up with the slogan) to sell as a fundraiser to get him enough cash to get outta dodge and back on his feet somewhere safer.

We're asking $25 postage paid and hoping people will be understanding of a 10 day shipping period from time of order, as we won't be manufacturing the shirts until the orders are received.  

Please order via paypal to 

Thanks from Evan October, Dan Undahand, Dally Duststorm, Tony Hustle, Vlad Zak, Juice Jeske, Justin Safely and the rest of the crew.